Share and live the Gospel

I Corinthians 9:23 I do all this for the sake of the gospel, that I may become a fellow partaker of it. The Apostle Paul was talking about doing whatever was necessary for others hearing the gospel (him not getting in the way of the gospel), as long as it did not lead him to sin.
We all have different personalities, different interests, and like to do different things. Some of us are stronger spiritually in certain areas, as well as weaker in other spiritual areas. Yes, Paul was speaking to the Corinthians in what they were challenged with, but God's word is timeless and still alive speaks to us today. Some of us may think, we can't do that or we can't go there, or we can't be around them (keep in mind, we are not talking about walking into an arena, a gathering of sinful behavior that invites us to sin, but about everyday people and places). If we think we can't talk to them, go over there where they are, join them in what they are doing (again, not including sinful behavior), we are wrong. The Holy Spirit lives within a believer, and we have the ability to withstand someone or something we may not enjoy for the sake of being a witness for Christ to them. Paul also said this enables him to be a partaker of the gospel. We partake in the gospel first by allowing God's Word, His Spirit to encourage us in our gifts and abilities, while transforming in us those behavior that need to done away with or need to become more like Christ (sanctification). Secondly, by getting outside of ourselves and seeing others through the eyes of Christ and His word. God did not save us to be who we want to be and do what we want to do. Yes, He gives us enjoyment in doing certain things and hanging our with certain people (which does not include sinful behavior), and that is a great thing! But He also saved us to be a witness for Jesus Christ, so that others may know His love and grace which leads to salvation, which leads to becoming a true and genuine son/daughter of God. ...by the truth of His word....by the power of His Spirit...
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