Opportunities Will Arise

It is a challenge to endure through the hardships of life, whether they are of our own making or not. But, if we do, opportunities to walk in our God-given gifts, for His glory will arise.

As I continue to strive towards more opportunities to speak into the lives of youth, God continues to remove the blemishes of the past (due to my bad choices), as He creates more opportunities for the present. Just a couple of weeks God moved in the hearts of strangers to resolve another unexpected issue from my past battle with drugs,  and just two days ago, God opened a door to speak truth into the lives of scholars at Quail Hollow Freedom School.

In addition, IMIG Pro Productions, has offered to film two short video clips for the C4Life website, to help get the message out. They are supportive of C4Life's purpose and vision and they are willing to sacrifice their time and money to help me out.

Proverbs 3:5,6

God is faithful and He will direct our paths and create opportunities for us if we trust in Him. I just experienced it! 🙂


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