I could have saved my heart a lot trouble if I would have known why I had life at the age of 13.  Over the last 3 months my heart has been troubled somewhat because of consequences arising from my past life of addiction. Ye, I am now free and experiencing abundant life through Jesus Christ, but none of us want to deal with consequences from our bad choices.

I went to court this morning for a criminal charge I had from 1997.  The last 3 months have been challenging because I have not been able to teach and walk along side the youth at my church, Calvary. Not only did this consequence separate me from them but it was obvious that this had brought doubt or uncertainty in the minds of some who know my past. It was obvious each time I walked by them. In addition, if you Google my name you will see a mug shot and the caption below it sends a message that is misleading...as though this was something new that just took place, and it was not. This effected my parents as they had to provide answers to questions asked by their friends. Also, disruption in hoping for a new and better job..... Read more