Are You Prepared?

I John 2:15-17

   After arriving at Planet Fitness, I headed straight for the lyptical. I stepped on the machine, adjusted the settings and started my stride. While peering up at the multiple televisions on the wall, I slide my ear buds into my ears and plugged them into little box which enabled me to hear and change the channels.  

It was a Saturday afternoon and I was hoping to find a decent show to help my 30 minutes of exercise breeze by. I am not much of a TV watcher these days, but I figured at this hour, 2 pm, I could find something decent and without offense.  After landing on what seemed to be an innocent show on a local channel,  it only took 2 minutes before the girl started undressing in front of the boy. -LUST OF THE EYES. Quickly I changed the channel as I asked God to take my thoughts captive and turn them into Christ like thoughts.

   The next TV show was all about extreme sports. I thought to myself, this should be Ok. The goal was to reach the top of the rock and stand up on it without falling. It was obviously very dangerous and very risky. As they climbed, the girl shared how she had to lie to her  dad at a young age to go rock climbing. Then she said, "Life is all about taking things to the extreme. If you don't believe you can do it, you won't do it. Life is about living on the edge and achieving what seems impossible- PRIDE OF LIFE.

Saddened by how a person could believe that life is all about living on the edge and doing whatever you want to do, I changed the channel and prayed for our youth at  church not to be deceived. Turning the channel once more, I only lasted about 5 minutes watching basketball. The players ran up and down the court exuding arrogance and a cocky demeanor. Their jersey might as well have read 'I am the best. Look at me!"-PRIDE OF LIFE.

I asked the Lord to clothe me with humility as I took off my ear buds and anticipated the end of my lyptical ride. Within seconds the music playing throughout the fitness center penetrated my ears, shouting lyrics about rebelling against parents and smoking in the boys room-LUST OF THE FLESH.

Do you leave your house every morning without a second thought of what you are going to encounter throughout the day?

Our minds are constantly bombarded with information throughout the day. Today's culture has so blurred what is right and wrong and even turned it upside down. The lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh and the pride of life can sneak up on us, and we will not realize it until the day is over and we lay our head on our pillow, alone with God, and regret the choices we made throughout the day.

The only way we can identify what is of the world and what is of God and make good choices for our lives is to grow in the real knowledge of Jesus Christ (Col 1:9). If we do, we can identify the information that is coming at us and know what information to discard and what  information to settle in our minds, and become a part of our thinking.

We as believers and followers of Jesus Christ must prepare ourselves before we head out the door each day and carry it throughout the day.  Have we read God's word? Have we prayed and sought the Lord for His wisdom and guidance in the day? Are we equipping ourselves as true children of God so we can make good choices throughout the day?

Let's be aware of the culture and it's traps, and let the Spirit of God lead us through the day, by God's word and God's wisdom as we embrace and enjoy the abundant life He has promised us.



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