Your Stamp of Approval!

There is no way around it, each one of us has this need to be loved, approved, and acknowledged. Whether it is on a team, in the band, the choir, in the hallways and classrooms of school, on the internet, among our peers, or in the family-we experience a need to loved and approved by others. The results can be fulfillment, as well as rejection leading to heartache and pain. Why? Why can't we fully satisfy this overwhelming need to be loved, approved, and acknowledged? Psalm 139:13 "Your formed my inward parts; you wove (knitted) me together in my mother's womb. Over 3,000 years ago, Almighty God, Creator of all things, inspired King David to write Psalm 139, so you and I would know today why we have life, and why we have this need. God tells us that He knitted you and me together. Think about the grandmother, aunt, or mother that you have seen knitting while rocking in her rocking chair. Every time you visited her home she had a piece of fabric in her lap, and a long needle in her hand, stitching and creating patterns. With every stitch and pattern she made, she was thinking about you and what you like, taking the time necessary to create the gift to help meet a need. Read more