Why Let Your Light Shine? Matt 5:16

How cool it is to discover our gifts/talents and abilities. Maybe it happens when you first sing a song, or play that instrument, or maybe you discover your athletic ability in one of the many sports. Oh, and when that happens we find pleasure in doing it. We want to spend more time doing it. We hope to get better and better at it. We long to be better than anyone else who is doing it. Some of us have a greater intelligence than others. Some are born with the ability to draw a crowd with how they speak and lead. Everyone single one of us are born with at least one God-given gift/talent and ability. But why? Why do we have them? I watch sports, and in the sports world there are many who profess to be true believers and disciples of Jesus Christ. But yet, when I watch them on the podium, when the stage is set for them to speak to the world about how good they are, they thank everyone around them and acknowledge how hard they worked, trained. Yet, they leave they neglect to thank and acknowledge the One who created them with that gift/talent and ability, the One who made it all possible. So, are you telling Read more