2 Timothy 2:15 Be Not Ashamed

15 Be diligent to present yourself approved to God as a workman who does not need to be ashamed, accurately handling the word of truth.

The world could not free me, my parents could not free me, and even I could not free myself from the chains of addiction.   10 years ago God finally rescued me from the bondage of drug and alcohol addiction. One night I got on my knees, after entering my 21st drug rehab, and cried out for God to either take my life or free me! I did not want to live anymore if I could not be free from addiction.   The next morning, just as the sun was beginning to rise, God literally reached in and removed the bondage of addiction, that had so much destroyed 20 years of my life. Finally, I was free!   Within a couple of years I knew the only reason God spared my life was to be a vessel of truth into the lives of youth.   Soon thereafter, a couple of years later, I realized the Lord was going to use my foolish choices as wisdom for choices youth have yet to make, and to bring hope to those who have already begun to make bad choices. It was as clear as day when the Holy Spirit revealed God's purpose and intention for my life.   Almost 10 years after God truly set me free, His promise is just now beginning to come to fruition. It has taken longer than I thought, longer than I expected. Those who have been on the sidelines since I was set free may have wondered if it ever really was going to come to pass. At times my own thoughts tried to lead me astray from what God was and is calling me to do, and hopelessness tried to have its way with me again.   But God's word tells us to not be ashamed. When God's promises we claimed don't come to pass in the eyes of those looking on, or how we personally think they should come to pass, we should always continue to walk confidently, yet humbly,  has His child, never ashamed of what others may think. We must continue trusting and abiding in Christ, knowing that God will bring to pass what He has promised.   His promise may come to pass in ways we didn't expect, but they will come to pass and we are never to be ashamed and always present ourselves as God's workman, walking out the Truth of His word. The surrounding voices or circumstances should never deter us from walking out His calling in our life!   I am grateful for the opportunity to share testimony on tomorrows radio show The Jesus Well of Salvation with Rachael Titus. God's promise is coming to pass His way, and He is proving Himself as the Promise Fullfiller!   Thank you Father God for proving Yourself to your child once again!  
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