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In 2003, Brad was finally rescued from drugs and alcohol by God's grace and redemptive power alone. His college days, at the age of 37, were challenging but rewarding. His calling to youth of all ages was confirmed but the path to get there was uncertain.

Graduation had come and gone as challenges from his past continued to build, but God continued to be faithful.

Motivational Productions sought the Lord for confirmation and soon thereafter a job was offered. His God-given ability to captivate students with his delivery became evident during his first public forum. From that day forward, Brad knew the Lord was preparing him to speak truth into the lives of youth, youth of all ages. 6 months later the ministry name C4Life was born, and the vision was brought forth over the next several years.

C4Life Ministries/Schools is very excited about the up and coming opportunities!

Mission Statement

C4Life Ministries will inspire youth, through testimony and the Word of God, to know their purpose in life and encourage youth to make choices guided by the One who gave them life.